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2019 FDA Training Classes (Updated October 15, 2018)

To browse the Fiscal Year 2019 Retail-related food courses that FDA’s Office of Training Education and Development (OTED) will be offering, please click here to access Pathlore.

Be aware that course dates and locations presented below are subject to change:

  • As additional hotel and/or conference room space are negotiated with the providers,
  • If/as other conditions occur that are beyond OTED’s and FDA’s control,
  • And pending FY 2019 funding.

For the most current information about OTED courses, please visit

In addition, and new for 2019, FDA is an offering to host at least two Self-Assessment and Verification Workshops, as listed below.  Participants should be program managers or those directly responsible for conducting program self-assessments and preparing for verification audits.

To read more about the Self-Assessment and Verification Workshops being offered, please click here.